Revolutionizing Wellness: Australia Biotechnology Group and China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Co., Ltd. Unite for a Flourishing Partnership

Australia Biotechnology Group Embarks on a Thriving Partnership with China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Co., Ltd.

In a momentous event marking a new era in the wellness product sector, Australia Biotechnology Group and China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Co. Ltd have recently solidified a noteworthy partnership through a formal cooperation signing ceremony. This strategic alliance holds the promise of advancing well-being products, such as vitamins, health pastilles and essential oil products addressing […]

Planet Remedy Teams Up with HoopCity to Promote Natural Pain Relief for Young Athletes

In the bustling world of sports, where young athletes are constantly pushing their limits, the need for effective pain relief solutions is more prominent than ever. As a beacon of hope in this arena, Planet Remedy has taken a significant step towards alleviating pain and discomfort naturally. Their recent sponsorship of a junior basketball training […]

NAD+ and Skin Health

Skin is the first line of protection in human physiology to avoid damaging from environmental stressors. Skin ageing is a process affected by both genetic and environmental factors while the cumulation of environmental factors can accelerate skin ageing or even lead to skin diseases. Human skin is exposed to environmental insults on a daily basis, […]

Superantioxidant – Kakadu Plum

Superantioxidant Kakadu Plum: antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities. Terminalia ferdinandiana¬†is an Australian native flowering plant which only grows throughout the tropical woodlands in north Australia (Figure 1). The fruit, generally known as Kakadu plum, has been traditionally used in Australian aboriginal community as an antiseptic, soothing balm, and in the treatment of cold, flu and headache […]