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Australia Biotechnology Group Pty Ltd (ABG) is a leading health and wellness company with headquarters in Australia and operations spanning Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

ABG focuses on research, development, manufacturing and supply of only the highest quality natural health products designed to enrich the lives and health of people globally.

With stringent quality systems focusing on safety and efficacy of all products sold under the ABG umbrella and a proven track record, ABG utilises the strict quality standards under the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration regulations and focuses on Australian made ingredients and products.

Uniquely Australian with a global footprint, ABG continues to be a standout as the demand for clean, green and proven natural healthcare products grow.

Energy Boost Liquid
Hold On Drink

Great taste and smell
With the goodness of Australian Kakadu Plum
Natural flavours and sweeteners

Our Responsibility

Being a healthcare company sustainability is critically important to ABG as the way we treat our planet and people.

Australian grown and manufactured ingredients

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